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Vanessa Lopez - LMT

Georgia License No. MT10078

Vanessa was born and raised in Michigan but grew up in Georgia. With friends of very diverse backgrounds and cultures she was exposed to various medical treatments and herbal remedies. The enduring and oftentimes more comfortable effects of
alternate medicine just fascinated her. This combined with a frustration of needing to alleviate continual health problems led her to explore massage therapy. Upon receiving its benefits alongside acupuncture, supplemental herbal wellness and chiropractic care, the idea of a career in the field of massage and wellness began to grow. The thought of helping people to win the battle in the fight of pain management and to do so without bottles of pills was irresistible.

Attending the Augusta School of Massage in 2014, she received her license in massage and bodywork and was hired on the spot to work at Tuscany~A Classic Italian Spa. From September of 2014 to July of 2015 Vanessa simultaneously worked at Tuscany while supervising the student clinic massages at Augusta School of Massage. In August of 2015 she began working in a clinical massage environment to expand her horizons in the industry. In 2017 she joined the team at Serenity with the desire of combining the best of both worlds-a relaxing spa environment with the satisfying results of therapeutic massage.

Seeing client after client walk away satisfied and many times relieved to have found a solution further increases her love of what she does. This is demonstrated in the research, videos, and massages she receives in order to more effectively grow in her skill set. Helping each client to achieve relief from chronic pain and continual stress is Vanessa's ultimate goal. Whether it's an hour or two just for you, or a session full of "work out the knots", she is happy to oblige. The tension of sore, stiff or overused muscles groups are struggles that need no longer be tolerated or fought to find a solution. As
a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, poor circulation, chronic headaches, and anemia, Vanessa can relate to your pain and works to help you manage and even eliminate it.
Describe your aches, pains and goals and each massage will be customized to your personal needs.

The results achieved by such a therapeutic session skillfully blended with the peaceful flow of a relaxation massage is a feeling that cannot be described but must be experienced. Book your massage today!

Vanessa loves to travel and finds delight in food, dance, music and the arts along with her husband as newlyweds.

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Laurie Pratt has been practicing massage therapy since 2003 when she took over the ownership of Serenity (formerly Serenity Day Spa).  After 17 years of practicing she is now strictly managing the spa and no longer seeing clients.  Laurie is pursuing a new career in real estate and is licensed in both Georgia and South Carolina.  If you have a need to buy or sell a home you can check out her Realtor® webpage at: