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Hi Laurie,

Please know that I am grateful for the experience I had at Serenity today. I am quite optimistic that the Thai Massage is going to be very beneficial to me, but I look forward to incorporating other modalities as well. Please tell Kim that I have had a noticeable reduction in the radiculopathic pain in my right leg today, and I am hoping with future treatments the effect will be cumulative.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you all again next Wednesday.

Dr. Tim Young, D.O.
November 2015

From our SpaBoom website:

"Absolutely the best massage I have ever had in the Augusta area. Laurie Pratt was so detailed with her movement and technique; just have not experienced that at other spas in the area."

"Crystal and Kim are amazing! My massage and foot treatment were so relaxing I almost fell asleep. Great, soothing ambiance. I am so happy with the results of my express facial. I'll definitely be returning at some point. Highly recommend this spa. Great service
and great people!"

"Serenity is a fantastic, personal spa experience. Excellent customer service, warm and cozy environment. Personalized treatment. Comfortable, private and individualized service. Highly recommend this spa for all your spa needs."

"Rachel was awesome! I came in Serenity with a terrible shoulder injury with excruciating pain. When Rachel finished with me,I had only a fraction of the pain. She was such a professional. I've had plenty of massages, but Rachel's techniques kept my mind and body wondering whats next! I will definitely be back and I would recommend Rachel to anyone!"

Personal Email

To: Vicki Platt
Subject: todays massage

Thank you for the great massage today. I shared the experience on Facebook with my friends. Hope you don't mind. I am including what I wrote. Thank you, again.

Who gives the most considerate and wonderful gifts for Christmas?
Mm hm, that's right, my son, his wife and their precious daughter. I used the gift certificate for my massage today. Thank you so much. I love you! I love you! I love you!

What do you get if your massage therapist is a retired teacher? Well, only the best massage ever because we know teachers are perfectionists. Lesson one- she taught me 'Reach for the Sky' stretching exercise. Deep breaths, hold, slow exhale. ...Ahhh! Oh, and since they love to teach...lesson two-I learned pressure point techniques for my neck to relieve tightness and headaches. Press gently into the shoulders, deep breath, slow exhale, press into the neck, fingers just beneath the ears toward the spine, press, deep breath, slowly exhale, fingers on the neck just below the skull, press, deep breath, slow exhale. All breathing is from the abdomen. Resting on your back, take your four fingers and rest them on your sternum. You know the routine now. Deep breath from your abdomen and a long, slow exhale. Feel the stress releasing. Then, before I left she explained how our organs, muscles, tendons, let's face it, our entire body is covered with something similar to panty hose. A matrix of sorts. The fascia and how everything in our bodies react to each other. She, also, explained essential oils to me and sent me home with a sample of lavender. She handed me a cup of water as I was heading out the door and told me how much my muscles would need it to wash out the toxins.

It felt like I was there for 45 minutes when I was actually there for an hour and a half or more.
I came home a puddle of relaxation. I thanked the volunteer for sitting with Mom. I gave Mom some lunch and a chocolate malt. I'm going to settle into the green recliner beside Mom's bed, open my sample of lavender, take a deep whiff and take a nap.

Life is so good when Christmas comes in May. Love you, my Sweets. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Oh, this massage was at Serenity Massage + Wellness Spa's Augusta location and my therapist was Vicki. I just met her today and so a reference is experience not personal. Thanks, Vicki!

Denise Baker

Review from LinkedIn - June 19, 2016

"What a great opportunity for me to recommend Vicki Platt. Vicki essentially invented the legitimate massage business in Augusta. When I first went to Vicki a very long time ago, massage was hard to find around here. Vicki hooked me to the profession. She knows the name of every muscle, nerve, joint and bone in the human body and how it works. Vicki is a "healer" in my mind. She knows more about what is right and wrong with a body than you can imagine. I have no idea how to thank Vicki for her career as a caring and professional servant to her many clients other than this recommendation. Vicki is a treasure to our community. "

Jeff Annis | Serenity Massage + Wellness Spa

Jeff Annis
President at Advanced Services, Inc.

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Laurie | Serenity Massage + Wellness Spa

Laurie L Pratt - LMT, BCTMB, L.M.B.T. (owner)

Laurie Pratt has been practicing massage therapy since 2003 when she took over the ownership of Serenity (formerly Serenity Day Spa).  After 18 years of practicing she is now strictly managing the spa and no longer seeing clients in Augusta, GA.  She lives in Bryson City, NC and now seeing new clients on a limited basis in Swain and Graham counties. 

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