At Serenity it is all about massage and your health and wellness!

We offer therapeutic massage, in a day spa atmosphere, for an affordable cost

At Serenity Massage & Wellness Spa our main focus of service offerings is with therapeutic massage. We have many therapists that specialize in various types of massage techniques. Please look through our service offerings from the drop down menu to see pricing.

We try to pick and use the best technique based upon findings once in the session. Therapists choose by how the body is responding to their touch. Rarely can we get everything corrected in just one session so after your session is over discuss with your massage therapists when they recommend a return visit. Muscles have memory and if you are doing the same things, or in the same position, day in and day out; it will take a few visits to undo the many months/years of muscle memory you have already built into your body.

If you try a massage therapists and they are not to your liking, please do not be discouraged from booking with someone else at Serenity. Each massage therapists has their own specialized technique and area of expertise so what you do not get from one you will very likely get from another. Once you find the right fit for you stick with that therapist and develop a treatment plan to get you on your way to being pain/tension free.

There are many benefits from receiving regular massage therapy sessions and plenty of medical journals that have published case studies to back that claim up. Don't wait - get on the wellness train today!

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Laurie | Serenity Massage + Wellness Spa

Laurie L Pratt - LMT (owner)

Laurie Pratt has been practicing massage therapy since 2003 when she took over the ownership of Serenity (formerly Serenity Day Spa).  After 18 years of practicing she is now strictly managing the spa and no longer seeing clients in Augusta, GA.  She lives in Bryson City, NC and now seeing new clients on a limited basis in Swain and Graham counties. 

Augusta Location

3406 Middleton Drive
Augusta, GA 30907

1 Block South of Washington and Pleasant Home Roads
First street on the right past the New Lexus Dealership
and Pine View Baptist Church

Office Phone: 706.364.RELAX (7352) or 706.863.7599