Therapeutic Massage - our everyday prices are less than our competitors

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Myofascial Release - Sports - Deep Tissue - Trigger Point - TMJ
Pregnancy - Relaxation - CBD Oil Infused - Aromatherapy

30 minutes - $ 50 | Doubles/Couples - $ 100
Purchase 6 thirty minute sessions for $275 - must be used by one person only

45 minutes - $60 | Doubles/Couples - $120

60 minutes - $75 | Doubles/Couples - $150
*Series of 5 one hour massages = $355 | *Buy 6 and get one free = $455 | Come monthly for a year = $65/hour or $95/90 minute sessions

*Only one gift card per visit may be used per person.

75 minutes - $90 | Doubles/Couples - $180

90 minutes - $105 | Doubles/Couples - $210

*Purchase 6 ninety minute sessions for $570 - must be used by one person only

With enough notice we can accommodate large groups. 4 - 5 people at a time for massage sessions. 20% Gratuity will be added for any groups of 5 or more.

Therapeutic Massage Session for TWO! Enjoy all the therapeutic benefits our massage sessions have to offer only share it with just a friend or that someone special. Two people in the same room.

We are the lowest cost option among our competitors!
We are confident that we provide the highest quality services at the most affordable price when you compare apples to apples. Many spas advertise one hour sessions when in fact they are 50 minute massages and 10 minutes for you to undress/dress. Others are doing so many other services they are more of a jack of all trades and definitely not a master of massage. At Serenity, massage is all we do - so we do it very well!

Hot Stone Massage - Georgina, Vanessa and Shakia only

Hot stone massage brings the element of heat into your experience. This service is very soothing and allows the therapist to work deeper quicker and use the stones as a tool on the larger muscule groups i.e. back, thighs, and gluteus areas.

Consider a hot stone massage for the ultimate in relaxation using heat as a component.

30 minutes - $60 | 45 minutes - $70 | 60 minutes - $85 | 75 minutes - $100 | 90 minutes - $115

TMJ Massage - Vanessa only

With the stress that most of us deal with daily, jaw pain issues are becoming very common.

Most people don't even realize they are clenching or grinding their teeth and many even do this in their sleep.

It is often a dentist or dental hygienist that calls our attention to that fact that we are grinding teeth, or when headaches appear more often.

The syndrome or dysfunction (TMD) can be caused by a misalignment of the jaw, tooth issues, stress, whiplash, trauma, neck misalignment, or inflammation.

Some symptoms might include jaw pain or popping in or around the joint, headaches, toothaches, earaches, dizziness, nausea, sinus pressure or pain, clenching, reduced ability to open or close the mouth, or pain when biting or chewing.

Physicians or dentists will often do exams and/or X-rays to diagnose the problem and determine the course of treatment.

Massage therapy can help to realign problem areas, relieve the muscle tension and relax the muscles by working trigger point areas around the jaw and neck.

It is possible to significantly reduce the pain and discomfort associated with jaw pain through massage.

30 minutes - $55 | 90 minutes - $115

Aromatherapy Massage

Enhances the overall effects of a massage through the addition of therapeutic essential oils. A luxurious service to heighten the senses and create a state of total bliss.

30 minutes - $55 | 60 minutes - $80 | 90 minutes - $110


Spa Packages

Total Bliss Package

2.5 hours, $270

90 Minute Massage, Body Polish, Herbal Wrap,and Foot Treatment

Heavenly Me Package

130 minutes, $215

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage, Body Exfoliation, & Rose Mud Foot Treatment

Pampering Package

120 minutes, $175

90 Minute Therapeutic Massage, Rose Mud Foot Treatment, & Back Exfoliation

Day at the Spa Package

2 hours, $240

One Hour Therapeutic Massage, Full Body Exfoliation, Rose Mud Foot Treatment, & Herbal Wrap

Totally Relax Me Package

2 hours, $190

One Hour Therapeutic Massage, Herbal Wrap and Body Exfoliation

Rejuvenate Yourself Spa Package

100 minutes, $185

One Hour Therapeutic Massage, Rose Mud Foot Treatment, and Body Exfoliation

Spoil Me Spa Package

90 minutes, $180

One Hour Massage, Rose Mud Foot Treatment, & Herbal Wrap

Just Because Package

90 minutes, $150

One Hour Therapeutic Massage, Back Exfoliation and Rose Mud Foot Treatment

The New Me Package

90 minutes, $125

One Hour Therapeutic Massage & Herbal Wrap

Lunchtime Special

60 minutes, $105

Half Hour Therapeutic Massage and Body Exfoliation

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Laurie Full Length 2017 | Serenity Massage + Wellness Spa

Laurie L Pratt - LMT, BCTMB (owner)

Laurie Pratt has been practicing massage therapy since 2003 when she took over the ownership of Serenity (formerly Serenity Day Spa).  Now 20 years in business, Serenity Massage & Wellness Spa continues to deliver the best therapeutic massage techniques offered in the local area.  Laurie has served as a volunteer with the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), at the board level, since 2005.  She is always striving to bring the profession to a higher level of acceptance within the medical and local communities and to implore people to make massage a part of their wellness program.  She struggles everyday with Fibromyalgia but with weekly/bi-weekly massage sessions she is able to get the tension relief she needs to be the successful business person she has become and keep up with a very busy lifestyle.  When business and volunteering are not taking up her time she lends a hand to her husband (Craig) and his passion for the robotics program he help bring to the area.  When they are not running their respective businesses or volunteering; Laurie and Craig love to travel.  She recently went to Kenya on a 14 day Safari and he to golf on the greens in Scotland.  Although they are both born and raised in Illinois, they met in Charleston, SC in 1994 and have been married and in the Augusta area since 1997.